The Veteran Tickets Foundation was established to provide a source of entertainment and family bonding for veterans. It’s a way of thanking veterans for their service by providing them with free tickets to concerts, festivals, and other events. In giving more veterans access to public events, the foundation hopes to help veterans alleviate stress and build positive memories. Additionally, encouraging veterans to attend these types of events helps them stay connected to their communities.

In addition to providing tickets to those currently serving in all branches of the military and veterans of military service, The Veteran Tickets Foundation also provides tickets to the immediate family members of those killed in action. This helps families affected by military service to bond together and with others in their communities.

Those who qualify for this service can request tickets to the event of their choice, whether it’s a concert, play, or another event. The veteran will be asked to pay a small delivery fee for the tickets, but, otherwise, there is no charge for the tickets.

The Veteran Tickets Foundation was started to recognize the extreme sacrifices that military service personnel make. They note that more than 16.6 million people have served in the military during times of war, while there are currently 3.6 Million disabled veterans in the United States. For the most part, this service and the physical injuries military personnel have suffered goes unnoticed. The Veteran Tickets Foundation is an effort to give a little something back in acknowledgement of these sacrifices.

Many veterans are coping with PTSD and other forms of mental illness, which have been brought on by their wartime experiences. Having free access to concerts and other public events helps them reintegrate back into society. They can attend these events to enjoy more positive experiences that may help them heal over time. The goal of The Veteran Tickets Foundation is to provide a better quality of life to veterans and their families. Due to poor employment possibilities and the high cost of living, many veterans have few opportunities to socialize with others in their communities. In providing free tickets to public events, such as sports games and concerts, the organization hopes to help veterans integrate themselves back into society more successfully. This is an opportunity for veterans to feel appreciation for their service to our country.