While there are numerous ways for Veterans to give back to their communities, there is also a wide range of ways for people to give back to them. Many different types of charities are dedicated to helping Veterans.

You should look for organizations that are trustworthy and have a good reputation. One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a charity is the program percentage. This is a metric that shows how much money is going to charitable causes and how much is being spent on expenses.


The Fisher House Foundation

When Veterans need to travel or need to get healthcare, finding a place to stay can be a serious issue. This is why the Fisher House Foundation is dedicated to helping Veterans. Through their programs, the organization provides families with the necessary resources to ensure that their loved ones have the proper housing.

The organization also provides families with the necessary resources to ensure that their loved ones have the proper housing. Through their programs, the Fisher House Foundation is able to provide Veterans and their families with free lodging near VA and military health centers. However, meals are not provided. The foundation additionally helps by providing travelers with hotel accommodations and airline miles.


Homes For Our Troops (HFOT)

One of the many organizations that are dedicated to helping disabled Veterans is HFOT. This organization aims to provide severely injured Veterans with custom homes that are made to their specific needs. Through its programs, the organization has been able to provide over 300 homes to Veterans. You can help these heroes rebuild their lives by donating or volunteering.


Hope For The Warriors

The lifestyles of military members and civilians vary depending on their various responsibilities and personal interests. When it’s time for them to transition into civilian life, many Veterans need help. Hope For The Warriors can help them transition through their various programs.

Through their programs, the volunteers can help Veterans by providing them with various services and activities that can help them maintain their health and wellness.


Gary Sinise Foundation

The Gary Sinise Foundation is one of the top organizations when it comes to helping Veterans. It provides mortgage-free homes to heroes across the nation and is also dedicated to helping those with post-traumatic stress disorder. The organization has various programs designed to help build strong relationships between civilians and military communities.