Not only do they add tremendous value to the workplace, but veterans have a unique set of skills that can significantly benefit organizations. For instance, at MetLife, we have seen how these individuals can help our company grow.

Here are some of the skills veterans can offer to improve the workplace that can help organizations develop their operations.


Veterans are also taught how to handle their behavior and tasks through the training. This unique program involves inspiring others, giving clear instructions, and delegating tasks. In addition, since they work in a highly hierarchical and team-oriented environment, they can effectively take on orders.


Throughout their military careers, veterans have experienced the importance of camaraderie. They have become accustomed to working together to complete their tasks and stay safe. They also know that teamwork can help organizations reach their goals.

Core values

All veterans follow a code of ethics and have strong core values. These principles are important to them as they help build strong teams. They also know how loyalty can help improve team performance.

Ability to Handle Situations

In addition to being expected to perform their duties under the most stressful circumstances, military personnel are responsible for setting priorities, accomplishing missions, and meeting schedules. This can put a strain on veterans, but they are trained to manage these factors constructively. This helps them avoid getting caught under pressure, even during the busiest times of the day.


Military personnel’s training provides them with the necessary skills to become highly motivated individuals. They are able to set their own goals and work toward achieving them. They are also taught how to ask for guidance when needed and develop self-discipline in their professional settings. These individuals are driven by their desire to get the job done right.


Unlike other individuals, veterans can work with people from different backgrounds. They are also sensitive to their colleagues’ varying cultural and religious backgrounds. They have the necessary physical and mental capabilities to collaborate with others. In addition, many veterans have traveled extensively and speak a wide variety of languages.