Some companies recognize that transitioning back into the workforce can be challenging for former military service members. To help these individuals and their families, we’re highlighting some of the businesses that have made efforts to provide them with the necessary resources.

Last year, Mike Hansen, the head of military affairs for Power Home Remodeling, talked about how returning to work after serving his country was challenging.

He noted that one of the most important factors employers consider when hiring and training former military service members is how quickly they can adapt to their new environment. This is because, after all, they’ve already served their country and learned a lot of valuable skills.

Power Home Remodeling is one of the leading organizations in helping veterans succeed in the workforce, which provides a $3,000 hiring bonus. The company is among the list below of businesses doing their part to support these individuals.


Booz Allen Hamilton

One-third of the workforce of Booz Allen Hamilton is composed of veterans. This company has various initiatives to help these individuals succeed in the workforce, such as its veteran forums and knowledge bases for military spouses and veterans. It also offers attractive benefits for military service members, such as health and retirement perks for active duty personnel.



In addition, Walgreens has a variety of programs designed to help veterans succeed in the workforce. These include its Hero Program, which provides on-the-job training and support. The company also offers military pay and benefits to eligible team members.


 Power Home Remodelings

One of the most innovative programs of its kind is Power Home Remodeling’s hiring bonus for military spouses and veterans. The company also offers various other programs to help these individuals succeed in the workforce.


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The VA has various perks and benefits for former military service members who choose to work for it. Some of these include loan repayment assistance and specialized tools designed to help them transition into civilian life. It also offers hiring incentives and programs.


Southwest Airlines

Almost 8,000 of Southwest Airlines employees are military, and over 1,300 of them are also military spouses. The company has various programs that help these individuals transition into careers in the private sector. Its website features a tool that allows former military service members to search for opportunities that align with their skills.